Bernie Dexter Beautiful New prints!

It is no secret Bernie Dexter prints are the Best! I just LOVE beautiful prints! I search and search till I find something that really makes me happy. My newest collection is no acceptation! Vibrant and bold to delicate and subtle I am bringing both!!Even more exciting news!!! I am bring both in 100% quality cotton & gorgeous slinky rayons! Here are just a few!! 




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  • I messaged earlier regarding Foot Decorations but I must say; this Bernie Dexter is not only blessed with talent but a pure sugar kiss as a model. The exact right amount of everything needed to show a look to the customer. Knowing immediately whom she is in that outfit. Specifically with smile, a knowing grin, a sexy star to melt any day dreamer or the sweet neighbor girl dressed for the lake picnic. I can only dream of someday working with someone so sure of what they do..

    that’s all

    Timepeace Starkey

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