Getting to know me & rebuilding the dream

Getting to know me & rebuilding the dream

            Rebuilding the dream

          I have not had time to blog for so long. I have been trying so hard to get back on my feet, repair my heart and rebuild my confidence,

            It has been a crazy 3 years. Life changing on a dime without notice & loosing everything I worked so hard for. Dealing with it all with my learning disabilities and menopause thru it all... Metal health is so important and when you already have so many challenges the huge life dump was more then I could handle. 

         Staying the positive person I am I just keep trying, moving forward with my blinders on, checking out of Facebook completely and focusing on the things that bring me joy. Its basic self preservation..  I am back and will try to be more active and keeping you all updated with the latest & greatest news in my life including  prints I develop. 



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