Native American Squash Blossom Necklace Print

Native American Squash Blossom Necklace Print

Native American Squash Blossom necklace print.

             This print is so close to my heart. This Year I learned my biological father was actually not the amazing man who raised me... Of he will always be my father... However I had known my biological father. He was my sisters father... Yes we thought we were half sisters all our lives to find out we are actually full blood sisters. It has been a roller coaster of emotions.  Happy in some ways and devastated in others. 

One of the joys of this new found information was to find i am 20% Native American. 

As a child my sister and I spent lots of time in Albuqurque New Mexico with our grandmother .

I remember her making home made tortillas, her showing us how to eat home made pinto beans with those tortillas... ahhhh and the smell of roasting chilies.. Oh and her showing us mint leaves... She passed away when I was about 5..   

She left me with lasting memories of the smells of her home made food, the silver and turquoise jewelry she had, Indian reservations, rodeos and tons more that fill the senses .

This print is tipping my sombrero to my newly discovered Hispanic/ Native American roots.

                            There is a reason for each style i make and each print I hand select myself. Essentially each piece from my collection reflects actual experiences my life and  when you wear Bernie Dexter dress it is like stepping back in time with me . I always live my life to the fullest, seen the beauty in everyone and everything i am surrounded by in every moment.

                        XX Bernie Dexter


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Hi there… just was hoping you could re stock the squash blossom necklace dresses in large or xlarge? I inherited my grandmothers coral and turquoise authentic Navajo necklaces and was looking for just the right garment to wear with them but booooo not in my size! Any chance?

Gina Guaiumi

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