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Levi Dexter sings about Boppin' Bernie

Levi Dexter sings about Boppin' Bernie

You can purchase the Roots Man cd with this song Boppin' Bernie by clicking the photo below.

The Swan Dress in Bird Print

This past week my P.A. Chelsey & I became absolutely obsessed with our Swan Dresses in bird print. It may have had something to do with the beautiful spring days we have been having. Flowers have been bursting like fire works EVERYWHERE in my gardens. Here are some photos i took of her & some Levi Dexter took of me. 


New sneak peek!

 I hope you enjoy this sneaky peek of what is to come. It is the new Loretta dress. It will come in Yellow with red cherry print and also in the baby blue Parisian Print.

I am constantly working on new ideas & thinking of what has not yet been reproduced. Loretta dress is a fun youthful new silhouette.

the beautiful jewelry is from Classic Hardware



Swing Dress on a Beautiful Customer

Today I woke to such a sweet supportive email. Such kind words and a beautiful photo as well... These are just the kinds of things that inspire my designs. Thank you beautiful Betty Bangzer for putting a smile on my face today =)



A day out in Portland Oregon

Yesterday  I drove into downtown Portland Oregon. It is a short distance from where I work but still such a wonderful fun trip make. I of course were wearing our Bernie Dexter dresse. It was so amazing to be walking down the street on my way to Nordstrom to get stopped at least 3 times to receive compliments from all kinds of people. 

We also strolled  down to Pioneer Place as well & the same thing, lots of compliments and smiles from strangers. It feels so nice to give such joy without even trying. Just by wearing a Bernie Dexter dress.  We found even we were smiling and just having so much fun going around the shops. When we stopped into Louis Vuitton, the lady who worked there gushed about how she love the Bernie dresses and she asked for a card to visit my website

I was just having so much fun and enjoying the rainy spring day. 

I even stopped at Yama my favorite sushi bar.

No day can be complete without a wonderful plate of sushi & a glass of wine. =)


Paris dress in blue toil has been on New Bates Motel series

I am so excited!!

My Paris dress in blue toil has been on New Bates Motel series!