Thrills of Brazil

Thrills of Brazil

 I got back from Brazil last week!

I have to say Brazil is the MOST underrated countries! You never really hear about how amazing it is!! You do need to be careful!! But its amazing. 

I was there for Rock This Town Festival

Pin Up

I was picked up by Lous who quickly became one of my new favorite people!

This is Lous and I with my long time pal Tim Polecat. Tim & I have been friends since 1995 and had not seen each other in years.

My trip started with a photo shoot in São Paulo  with Rainbow Pin ups!

Brazilian designer Lola Tangerine created the most amazing collection!! From lingerie to cocktail dresses!! Lola, Lady Cat & I modeled the collection together and it was so fun!! 

Pin up

pin up

pin up

pin up

The Festival began the next day!

Amazing bands, cars and a pin up contest! 

rockabillyrockabillypin uppin uppin up

pin up

pin uppin up


After all the R n R Next I went to the most amazing beach home of my dear friends for some needed Rn R of another kind... rest & relaxation 

pin ip Brazil

Brazilpin uppin up

pin up

After 3 days we went to my friends beautiful Contry hope outside of Sao Paulo

where I was part of a pod cast and got to try the most AMAZING Pizzi I ever tried!


São Paulo

São Paulo pizza

I feel so lucky to have experienced to much n 10 days!

pin uppin uppin up

it was a dream come tru! I look forward to going back with my Brazilian husband.

it was so wonderful to get back to his arms after such an amazing trip.

Pin Up

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Hi Bernie,
I shopped at your store in Gresham, Oregon. I bought the most amazing fleece lined leggings from you! Do you still offer them on line? If not, perhaps you will share where I may find that particular brand?
Miss your store, but glad you are happy in Vegas!❤️


Hi Bernie I love your dresses but was told you are no longer making them. I’m so disappointed because I absolutely live in them all summer! Do you have any suggestions to get the same kind of dresses?

sharon cooper

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