Viva Las Vegas 25

Viva Las Vegas 25

     My move to Las Vegas was the best decision. I am surrounded by new environment and a supportive circle of friends that has given me a fresh outlook and fashion point of view. 
  I attended Viva Las Vegas 25 with Atomic Style Lounge this past weekend and talk about inspiration!  I saw friends I had not see in years!

I was so delighted to see photographer Carlos Kella and his crew all the way from Germany!

It was truly a wonderful festival. It has evolved over the 25 years.

There are attendees from all over the world! From Brazil, Scotland, Germany to Japan!

It was also incredible to see attendees are more diverse and so many from the LGBTQ  community and totally embraced as they should be. There was a wonderful acceptance you could see & feel from all walks of life. Its so important to see the beauty in everyone! It's joy so inspiring!

             I highly recommend attending if you can. The bands were wonderful from all over the world from Japan, Sweden, England, Germany & ALL over the USA & amazing locals from Vegas!  

The pre party for me was at a local  Servehzah Bottle Shop and Tap Room where a Los Angeles Cumbia band played. it was FANTASTIC! 

I even was maid of honor in the beautiful Rubyanns wedding

I hope you enjoy the photos I am sharing. I am so refreshed and very inspired!

OH! It was also amazing to learn Tom Ingram received the key to Las Vegas! It was official Tom Ingram day!! We all owe a huge gratitude to Tom for bringing this festival to life & keep it funning for us to enjoy over the years!!
Always remember...
Never give up, never let peoples words or posts break you. Reach for the stars, they are yours! YOU are your own magic! Most importantly Be kind to everyone... Smiles go a million miles!!! 

Bernie Dexter

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