Bernie Dexter Lifting the Veils

Bernie Dexter Lifting the Veils

                   Lifting the Veils of truth ... What can I say, this has been the most shocking time of my life. 

                  In December 2018 it was a shock to learn my bio father was not my father and that my sister and I were 100% sisters sharing more then 53% of same DNA.  I adore and LOVE my non bio father. He has been amazing, a solid rock in my life. It was devastating to learn my bio father had passed in 2011. He had wanted to see me in 1998 but I turned down the invitation. That is another long story for another time.. But my heart is broken over all of this on so many levels.. It was devastating having my Filipino heritage ripped away from me.. But the gift of being Hispanic Native American has been very special. It has been an personal emotional rollercoaster of emotions & forgotten memories surging back like a tsunami from my child hood... It has created a wonderful 2019 DNA collection with the Mexican influence. Ironically the Serape Jackets had already been in the making for a few years, I had been working with the factory to perfect the sturdiness of the blankets we used. I had modeled these jackets after my favorite Chimyo blanket jacket. Even more Ironic Chimayo is in New Mexico and that is where  a generous amount my roots are from. New Mexico, Mexico and Spain. ❤️


  Dreaded 2020 no one saw coming...

         Things had been spiraling downward starting with the letting go of shop staff in Aug. 2019 and the drama that came with all of that . Then my personal life taking an even more unexpected shocking hairpin turn..

                 March 2020 I closed my shop on Main ave. . It was a difficult decision to make but with it was the best decision. That being said I am still here working hard quietly in my little corner. This past year I have stayed very much to myself and off most social media apart from instagram.

            Speaking of Instagram, my original account with close to 50 thousand followers was hijacked. How? I got a message from them asking if I wanted my blue badge, YES I did want it! I had applied for it so many times. Facebook had given me my blue badge out of the blue years ago, so when Facebook and IG merged thought his was an authentic invitation. Sadly it was a trick and they hacker held my IG hostage to get payment. I refused to pay and I watched it dissolve before my very eyes.Instagram did NOTHING to help me. 

              Since that fiasco I have started a new IG and I have been more active on my Twitter  I find Twitter much more fun because I can feel free to post what I want without being penalized for being too sexy. I am also on TikTok as well... So literally it is like a complete reset re-boot for me on social media. 

                It is all ok, I am just doing what I love authentically as usual. I mind my own business and keep to my point of view. I am not trying to figure out how to be number one or the most popular. I stay away for anyone or anything remotely negative. Life is so short and can turn on a dime. It is most important to me that I can be authentic to who I am. What I want people to know about me.. I love people from all walks of life, I love people for being good caring kind humans. 

The website will be down for a few days in the very near future for maintenance and relaunch. It's time to start over completely.  

Please do enjoy the sales while they are going. 👗 Your purchases are support not just me but families in Los Angeles and India. 🙏🏽

Love Bernie Dexter

ps I am sorry for any typos grammar and spelling mistakes❤️

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