The Algorithm and Social Media

The Algorithm and Social Media

I have been feeling very frustrated with the algorithm and social media. What once was so easy and fun has now become so frustrating. In the beginning it was all about creating beautiful dresses and taking photos and it was that simple.

Now it's all about how many followers do you have and can they find you and if not how can you get them to find you. That being said my IG account was hijacked about 6 months ago so I lost nearly 50 thousand followers. It has not been as easy this time round. I created my new IG however In a sea of retro brands and pin up girls I am just not going to be found.

                 Social media platforms have been trying to make money off of people since it all started way back on

I was off Facebook for nearly a year when my world came crumbling down around me due to the sudden break up of the love of my life and I. When I was finally ready to face the world again surprised how controlled it has become, I can't even share a photo I did for my dear friend Katie of it was called spam🤯

I tried to throw a bit of money at them Facebook, IG, Pinterest for ads but honestly don't see any results. Obviously I am doing something wrong. You have got to be a real computer savvy person these days to make social media work and I just don't have that. So I will just be leaning more to my own platform. It's way less frustrating and I can post what I like and share what I like. So do come back and check my blogs I plan to update on a regular basis..

Vera Modern Celestial

I hope you're all having a wonderful day. Mine is just about to get there! 😻


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I like many of your outfits, though not for me eh My fiancee likes my tastes. We both love the country, rockabilly, classic rock, and jazz eras eh I am a musician on the side. The fashions you have are light and bright and some are scintillating. They are great! I am venturing into the digital market very soon. Now I am finished a Global Supply Chain Management course. Your experience on those sites is very sobering eh I fired Facebook for their censorship and lack of responsibility. Though they will not remove my profile. Would you recommend a site, or two as a direction for me to look into.?

Neil Hotvedt

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