The Diana Jacket and Skirt

The Diana Jacket and Skirt

                          Last summer I was lucky enough to get to go to Kensington Palace to see the Princess Diana exhibit. Diana was such a wonderful fashion icon, muse and soul. Needless to say I was totally inspired! I know what most people think of 1980s fashion, they want to forget about it completely!! 1980s has such a bad wrap for fashion, However,  there were a lot of wonderful details and styles there. After All a lot of the 1980s pulled a lot from the 1940s glamour but totally exaggerated it. I have taken a few ideas I saw and brought them back to a classic wearable styles fit for a princess!
                            The Diana collection is limited so don't hesitate!. It consists of a beautiful button front jacket  made of 100% cotton and lined in lovely contrast printed100% cotton fabric. The  A-Line skirt made of 100% cotton. Sold separately. Your lining does not need to match your dress!! Fashion  has no rules and if there are any break them!! Mix and match your prints!

There is a reason for each style i make and each print I hand select myself. Essentially each piece from my collection reflects actual experiences my life and  when you wear Bernie Dexter dress it is like stepping back in time with me . I always live my life to the fullest, seen the beauty in everyone and everything i am surrounded by in every moment.

                        XX Bernie Dexter

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