Whats Happening at Bernie Dexter LLC

Whats Happening at Bernie Dexter LLC

          COVID has hit so many people personally, whether it family & friends struggling the battle to recover or deal with loss of loved ones 😔 It has been horrible. I personally have had friends struggling and lost a friend to it too.😔 it has just been horrific..

      So many businesses have been hit hard and struggling to stay a float. I am no acceptation, it has been the most challenging time for Bernie Dexter LLC. I have  done my best to keep positive and supplying new prints and styles over the last year and a half but it has not been with out close calls. Sadly my USA production as almost come to a halt. The good news is I have 2 new prints in production at this time in the USA. India on the other hand has been hit hard. My factory there has been closed for over a month due to the pandemic. Over 55% of the population has contracted Covid so they are on complete lockdown till the first week of June. However that could change & be extended.


               Please  do know I am working very hard to keep this brand going. It is a labor of love and it is not just for me, its also to support the families in the USA I have been working with in the USA since 2007



and also the family owned factory in India.


Thank you so all of my loyal customers! I Appreciate every single one of you!

Here is to looking forward to a positive future full of beautiful moments in beautiful dresses!

💋 Bernie Dexter

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