Tradeshow adventures

Tradeshow adventures

                           Tuesday was such a hot day full of adventure!

                  My friend and I took a train to the trade show in London. I had been wanting to go for some time. We really enjoyed the sunny warm weather! It was the perfect day to debut my Chelsea Trinidad Carnival print. I paired with my Luxulite Banana necklace. My friend was in Chelsea Poppy print. It was amazing how many people stopped us to say they liked our dresses =) 

                People have been complaining about it being too hot but i was really happy to be in the sun & quite comfortable. I made sure to keep a bottle of water on me & wearing 100% cotton and no need for a bra with this dress!!

It was my first time there. We really enjoyed seeing what was on offer.  I found some wonderful accessory suppliers and a few fun fashion companies. 

We walked for hours! and were starving so we stopped at Pizza Express for my gluten free dairy free pizza 🍕I just LOVE that place. 

Iam so excited about all the new items i will be ordering for the Leigh on Sea shop!

I will be showing those items as they come into the shop =D